Where the National Civic Council stands:

The Primacies

  • The family as the basic unit of society, the foundation of the nation and the most effective provider of welfare to children, the sick or disabled, and the aged.
  • The small unit in agriculture (the family farm), business, government and unions in opposition to monopolies and excessive centralisation.
  • The integrity of the individual, including full legal protection of the right to life for all human beings from fertilisation to natural death.
  • Patriotism, built around the foundations of an independent foreign policy based on the national interest, self-reliance in defence, and insistence on Australia’s sovereignty over financial markets or international agencies.,
  • Judeo-Christian values which provide the cement to hold our society together in opposition to the prevailing view which rejects the concept of the common good and makes the difference between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, a matter of personal preference only rather than objective reality.